• Smiles: Before and After
  • Smiles: Before and After
  • Smiles: Before and After
  • Smiles: Before and After
  • Smiles: Before and After
  • Smiles: Before and After

I got veneers on my front teeth several years ago. They closed up the spaces between my teeth and made my teeth look great. The surprise benefit was that coffee no longer stains my front teeth! Sue - June, 2011

Whitening For A Brighter Smile

Whitening is a way to lighten and brighten teeth - quickly and inexpensively - without bonding resin or porcelain material to the teeth or removing any sound tooth structure. In this respect, its one of the most conservative cosmetic procedures we have, much safer than some of the abrasive toothpastes on the market.

There are several types of whitening procedures including:

  • In-office whitening
  • Home whitening with custom trays
  • Over the counter whitening kits

In-office is the fastest, safest, and most effective whitening procedure. It involves a whitening solution that is applied to the teeth while a high intensity light shines on the teeth. It takes 1-2 hours in the dental office. We feel this is most effective when combined with custom trays for home use. These are included in with teh service.

For home whitening, impressions of the teeth are taken and trays are made to fit your mouth. The tray is used to apply the provided solution to your teeth. It is applied 1-2 times per day or overnight for 1-2 weeks. ;

The most effective over the counter whitening kits are products that uses dental strips. While they are not as effective as in-office whitening, many have had some success with these kits. Over the counter, non-custom trays are generally not recommended, as they can damage the soft tissue

Before starting any whitening procedure you should understand:
- Fillings, crowns, or other restorations do not bleach
- Teeth with some conditions such as tetracycline staining resist bleaching and may require extra treatment
- You can achieve better results if the teeth are clean before beginning the whitening procedure
- Some patients experience tooth sensitivity after treatment. This is usually a short term condition that can be treated.


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